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Giusy D’Arrigo



The artist Giusy D’Arrigo was born on 18 October 1970 in Paris, where she grew up until she moved to Italy. Trained with well-known French and later Roman artists, after her art studies, she consolidated her activity as a painter and sculptor mainly in Parisian art ateliers, where she learnt significant painting and sculptural techniques, which she soon applied in her vast artistic production. She has continued her activity encroaching on the world of Art Design and Functional Art, presenting her works for years in prestigious Italian and foreign art galleries. She has dedicated numerous events and exhibitions around the world to her brother Angelo D’Arrigo, who passed away in 2006. She has promoted, again through Art, solidarity projects and numerous cultural initiatives, including television formats (RAI) linked to the concept of eco-sustainability and environmental protection, currently spreading high social profile messages especially among the younger generations.